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Friday, June 20, 2008

Turn Out The Lights

I am not from this Congressman's district, but I wish I was. ( I really don't like my non-representative. I didn't vote for him and he hasn't had a challenger in many years, dang it! If I had the money, I'd consider it myself, but I'm not a politician. Aren't you glad?) If there was ever an argument for reducing government intrusiveness into Americans' lives, this little light bulb makes the point.

I'm not sure I want to have those bulbs in my house if the EPA has a three page warning and use sheet to go with them. I'm all for conserving energy, but being forced by the government to use a product that we don't even produce in this country? I truly believe that our government wants to sell out our country to the highest bidder.

Folks, I can't see Senator McCain doing this quite as soon as I can see Senator Obama doing it, but it doesn't have to start with the Executive branch to change things. Be sure that the representatives you elect are ready to fight for this country with all the might and power of the people beside them, not doing deals in back rooms with countries that want our natural resources and for our people to labor for those countries and to steal our pride. It's time to take back our beloved country and set the government straight!

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GinniG said...

I knew they were dangerous but I had NO IDEA!!! I need the link to this so I can share it with everyone I know!!! Unbelievable!!! But just like our wonderful government.