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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Queen & Co is Going Green

Take a look at what Queen & Co. has come up with for this year. They now have coordinated bulk embellishments in a single container. They come in different themes, so just pick your theme and off you go. I think that might revolutionize packaging for some of these companies that have more package than product. It's a great idea.

I Survived

Since my last post (you know when I told you about getting pneumonia?) I have had a survival experience. Because of my inactivity during the pneumonia and some hormones I was taking, I developed pulmonary embolisms in both lungs. Those are blood clots. They are life threatening. I had no idea they were there. All I know is that it was hurting more and more to breathe and my doctor told me the day before that if it got worse to go to the emergency room. It got worse.

When DH got home from work on Thursday he took one look at me and the grimace of pain I had trying to move or breathe and he said let's go. They did x-rays and a CT scan and discovered, what one doctor later described, impressive blood clots. I asked him if he was surprised then that I was able to walk into the ER, he said we get about six cases a year like yours and half of them don't walk out. Praise God for miracles!

So I went into the hospital on Thursday evening and got home yesterday afternoon. I'm on blood thinners now for the next six months. This morning I even gave myself an injection. That's only for a few days, but the home health care nurse came by to help get started. One came last night and gave me the injection, but I figured it would be easier on everyone if I could just do it myself.

Some of you knew what was going on and I want to send a special thank you to each of you lovely friends who have been praying for me. Your prayers are being answered and I am most grateful, as are my husband and sons. I will happily pray for your special needs any time you need, also. Although I do pray for my friends regularly anyway.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's Been Up?

Six weeks. A lot has happened since Thanksgiving. Here's a rundown:

  • My truck was broken into and my external hard drive was stolen, which had all my pictures from the last five years on it.
  • We had 19 people for Thanksgiving dinner at my brother and SIL's home, including DH's family from Pittsburgh. My niece and nephew (not related to each other) got to meet for the first time.
  • Our church choir's Christmas Cantata was absolutely beautiful and we had the help of our choir director's high school choir and orchestra students to really make it spectacular.
  • We had Christmas day at home with just the four of us for the first time. It was the first time in the 27 years we've been married that we didn't have someplace to be on Christmas day.
  • New Year's Eve was totally uneventful, except for the fireworks being exploded on the street behind our house despite the total ban on fireworks in the city and county due to drought.
  • Jan 2 I was diagnosed with pneumonia, so I spent a whole week in bed. I'm still recovering from that.
  • Jericho, one of the cats, got out and got into a fight, which of course resulted in an abscess, which necessitated putting the Elizabethan collar on him, which resulted in him laying on me all week. Normally he'll lay next to me, but I guess that was his way of protesting the collar.
  • I went back to work yesterday and when I got home I was totally exhausted. And Jericho slept on me last night.
I have been trying to get photos to rebuild my library, but every once in a while, I'll see something and remember that I had a similar photo that is now lost. I'll leave you with pictures of my precious niece and nephew from Thanksgiving.