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Thursday, October 11, 2007

How Can One Survive...

...with a shortage of sleep? As we were walking back from lunch today, I noticed that I'm getting slower and slower daily as the exhaustion sets in. I thought I'd be smart today and make the run to the electronic hardware store to get some tools and parts before going to work this morning, which I did, but upon arriving at work, all heck had broken loose. They were supposed to do some maintenance on the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) this morning, which they started, but they didn't have the backup generator on, so all of the computers at the main campus went down. They realized what they had done immediately and flipped the switch back, but it caused such a huge power surge, that it actually fried some of the equipment.

We've spent all day trying to recover from it. What a mess. So much for not thinking too much today. I did have a nice shopping spree, though. Got to buy lots of computer room tools that we'll be using when we move all of our computers at the end of the month. But it still looks like I'll be here into the night.

This weekend is shaping up to be another doozie. We start out with concessions on Friday, but we expect a light turnout, so those of us who are doing the all day marathon band support the next day are going home early. The next morning we meet at 9:00 AM and head for our first marching contest of the day at 10:00. After that we return to the school and have lunch, then load up again to the second marching contest. After that we return to a mall near the school for all the kids to eat at the food court, then on to the football game. We probably won't get home until 11:00 PM or later because we have to make sure all the kids get their uniforms hung up properly.

Then on Sunday, I'm singing in a small ensemble for both services and playing clarinet for one song, too. Then at 2:00 we have instrumental rehearsal and I'm providing supper for youth group. So much for a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

I hope the rest of the world is getting some rest!

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