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Monday, October 22, 2007

Let's Hear It For The Band!

After all the hard work, the long hours of marching and playing practice, the near tears from the roadies, the sore feet of the chaperones, the big event happened on Saturday. The Warren Band got a First Division rating at UIL Marching Contest.

It was an incredibly beautiful day. The sun was hot, the sky was perfectly clear and blue, it was amazing. There are some strange tan lines for October, but that's okay. We weren't too sure how they were going to do because the night before was pretty rocky. It kind of went along with the football game they had around the half-time show. The football team managed to hang on to a squeaker (20-21) to remain undefeated this season. But the band sounded awful...well not awful, only just about half their normal volume. And they looked totally out of kilter. Keep in mind that all of us parents had seen this show at least a dozen times by now, so we knew what it was supposed to look like. My dad and step-mom and Aunt Kathryn came to see DS#2 perform in his last half-time with the the full contest show and they thought it was fabulous.

The band director had a come-to-Jesus talk with the band after everyone else had left the field and told them that their performance that evening would earn them a second division the next day. "Warren has never had a second division since it opened. I have never had a second division in any school I've ever taught at in 25 year." (Let it be know he's the only band director this school has had, as he was there when it opened six years ago.) That really put the pressure on the kids to figure it out for the next day.

He did something different this year at contest. After he got them warmed up and gave them his last minute reminders, he allowed seniors who wanted to, address the band. Several of them came forward and told how proud they were of the progress the lower classmen had made over the season and that they expected them just to do their best, since not everyone is perfect. A couple of us chaperones were nearly in tears because it was so beautiful.

Then they put on their "game faces" and moved to the holding area before taking the field. They did the best show I have ever seen them do. Sadly, I had to watch from the visitor side, but I heard that some of the comments were outstanding. And the drumline was singled out by at least one judge for their superb performance. This was a real improvement from one of the previous contests where the drumline came in last place. You know those kids had to be stoked!

I realized that I forgot to show the trophies from last week. These were the three they won from the Harlandale Marching Festival. Outstanding Brass, Outstanding Woodwinds, and First Place Marching.

I have to share a photo from the previous evening's football game. I don't normally take pictures of the honor guard, but for some reason I felt I should that night. When I got home and looked at this picture, it filled my heart with pride and tears welled up in my eyes. I think this is probably the most poignant picture I've ever taken. I hope you like it, too.

Have a wonderful and patriotic day.

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Suzanne said...

Beautiful photos Karen! Congrats to your son, the entire team and YOU! Hugs!