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Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Photos

Warning: This post has a lot of photos and is a bit long. Thx.

Over at we're doing a Picture A Week thread. It's not really a challenge, just something to do. Since December, I've not taken my camera everywhere with me and when the call for this week's favorite picture shows up, I remember that I haven't taken any, yet. Saturday I saw the posting about an hour before sunset. So I grabbed my camera and went outside to see what there was to see.

The sun was still bright, but not immediately visible from the back yard. As I walked around the back I spotted the mountain laurel tree that has never bloomed. I planted it nearly 20 years ago from a seed I got from my parents' place near Austin. It wasn't so impressive in the pictures. I went to the front to see what might be there. I was actually stalking the cat because I had seen her walk by on the fence from my scrap room, but the camera batteries were both dead and I missed the shot. TWICE! So, while in the front yard I spotted a flower pot that I inherited from my mother. This flower pot is significant because I just finished scrapping a bunch of photos of Mom with her donkey, goats, and cows. My mother loved livestock and she got this goat planter in Mexico sometime during my lifetime. It's now in my front yard, so I snagged a picture of it.

I was also thinking about Suzanne's word for the week "garden." I'm thinking about putting a photo on my card this week. I thought that with the sun shining through the leaves, my iris bed would be kind of cool. But it's kind of weedy right now. It still made a pretty cool shot. Just ignore the dead grass!

Right above the iris bed is the neighbor's loquat tree. He planted it there about 12 years ago and it's kind of neat there. Although it can leave messy fruit droppings in the summer. Loquats have large glossy leaves that are very pretty to look at. One thing I remember about it was during the winter of 2006-07 we had a very severe frost and my son had parked his truck facing the tree. The next morning we came out and some of the leaves had frozen to the truck. When I backed the truck up to go to the store, there was a perfect loquat leaf ice sculpture on the hood! Well, that tree is putting on the first of its fruit now. And the sun was just perfect for this photo.

Then I started looking at other blooming things. The peach tree outside my scrap room window is blooming.

The pyrocanthus bush in the neighbor's yard had beautiful bright berries on it. And he just replaced the old fence with new boards. It took a cool shot, too.

His crabapple tree is blooming.

But my favorite picture of all is of a single peach blossom.

Happy Spring, everyone!


Scrapdango Monthly Kit Club said...

Beautiful shots!!! Just beautiful! I love to see spring blooming. You can feel it and see it and smell it in the air!
Carrie, Scrapdango

GinniG said...

LOVE the shots especially the peach blossom ones! I've gotta play with my camera and get some shots like these! You're good inspiration Karen! :)

Suzanne said...

Any number of those would be GREAT for your "garden" card! I'm partial to red berries myself! ;-)

Cori said...

Very pretty!!!

Tammy said...

Beautiful photos Karen!