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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Online Friends

When I first told my husband that I was going to meet a lady that I knew from online, he freaked a bit. This lady is a scrapbooking buddy from Chris lives in California and when I went out to Anaheim for a class, I made arrangements to meet her. We had a lovely time eating dinner and getting to know one another. We had wine on the deck of a restaurant that sat high above the breakers of the Pacific Ocean. The plan was to capture the sunset with our cameras. That was in 2006.

This past weekend, I got to meet three other ladies from Pam came from the east coast, Tammy came with her family from North Texas, and Amy and her family live close to me. We met at a restaurant for supper and my husband got to meet a bunch of my online buddies and their families. I guess he's okay with me meeting scrapping friends, now!

I took this photo of the right side of the table with my three visitors.

Anyway, after we ate, we sent the families on their way and we went to a Friday night crop at a local scrapbook store (LSS for those who follow scrapping). It was a lot of fun to get to know these ladies and form closer bonds.

Amy took this photo in front of the Tim Holtz display.

I already know that whenever I travel for training I'm going to be looking for places that have scrappers nearby so that I can meet them. Sometimes we drive to Pittsburgh to visit relatives and I'm going to make it a point to swing through Alabama to visit SUZANNE. Consider yourself warned, my friend! I'll let you know when we decide to go to PA again. Probably next year or so, so you have time. :-)


Suzanne said...

OhmyGOSH!!! How fun would that be!!! I think you think that I'm getting old, which is why you made my name so BIG! LOL My dh said the same thing the first time I met online friends and now he tries to keep them all straight. LOL

Cori said...

Come see me, come see me!!!

I've flown to 2 retreats and arranged to stay at online friend's places both times. Never even occurred to me that I didn't actually know this person just because we hadn't met in real life. Online relationships are real, and I think it's awesome to meet up when you can!

Tammy said...

I agree with Cori - it is just like you know everyone only you haven't met. Kinda like long lost relatives - only beter ;)

Scrapdango Monthly Kit Club said...

Oh how fun!! That is wonderful! If you are ever in the Oregon area please come see me!
Carrie, Scrapdango