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Friday, February 29, 2008

YITL Challenge #8 and #9

I have a little time off and needed to catch up on Suzanne's YITL challenge. I know there are a couple that I still need to do, but I haven't forgotten them. Today I created cards for "Friends" and "Escape."

Whenever I think of friends, I think of the song written by Debra Smith and performed by her husband, Michael W. Smith. I discovered this song about the time that my best friend was about to move from San Antonio to Huntsville, AL. My friend brought me into a personal relationship with Christ and I'll be forever grateful for that. That's what friend means to me.

Suzanne mentioned on a forum that today's work was a tough one for her and I can understand why. Escape can mean so many things, but I think that no matter what the situation or circumstances, you can escape to your dreams and be happy at least for a little while. Escape to me means moving from a bad situation to a better one. What better way to escape than by dreaming?


Colleen said...

I love your friends card and I love that song.

Great job on both challenges

Suzanne said...

Great job on both cards! I love how they are both so meaningful to you. :-)

Jayne said...

Your cards are both beautiful :)

Jackie said...

I love both your cards!!!

Carrie said...

These are wonderful cards, love them both and your thoughts on Escape.