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Thursday, February 28, 2008

What is My Favorite Appliance?

The blog challenge from Suzanne this week is "What is your favorite household appliance? Why? We want details! Include a photo if you can."

My favorite household appliance is my washing machine. This little gem is a Miele washer from Germany (although we bought it here) that can do amazing things with laundry. It's a front loader and is water efficient. I don't have to use a lot of soap, although it does require special soap, and I can stuff it full! When we bought it, I asked how we know it full. The installer/technician said that if we can't get a hand in between the clothes and the tub wall, then it's too full. They said it would wash 11 pairs of jeans at a time. And I've done it! I can put the whole king-sized set of bedding, including mattress pad, and still have room for some towels. The photo isn't my actual washer because getting a picture of it would require rearranging furniture (yes, my house is that small).

But here's the best part of the whole thing - I can set the timer on it to delay up to 9 and a half hours. Someone will put a load in at night, set it for about a 3 to 4 hour delay and when I wake up in the morning, I just toss it into the companion dryer. Clothes are warm and dry by the time everyone finishes showering! The only bad part about that is that clothes don't get put away properly because as soon as we're dressed, we're out the door. Perhaps I should build a clothes room in my house where everyone keeps their clothes instead of depending on them to take them from the laundry area to their rooms...


Suzanne said...

Wow, that is one fancy schmancy machine! Wouldn't it be great if dryers folded while drying? :-D

Colleen said...

Don't you just love front loaders. We got one and then loved it so much we bought it for my son & DIL for Christmas one year and then my daughter bought one. I won't use anything else.