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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blog Challenge #8

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In response to Suzanne's Blog Challenge #8: Complete this paragraph. "Ten years from now, I..."

Ten years from now, I will be playing with grandkids on weekends, taking them to Sunday School and church on Sundays, and hoping their parents are mature enough to be parents. I will be close to early retirement, and unless my husband strikes it rich, will be working for another few years because the cost of living will have skyrocketed, no matter how much I save right now. And if I'm retired, I'll be traveling, hopefully by sailboat, and coming home to my scraproom to make albums of our travels and my grandkids. I will insist that since my husband took a retirement job while waiting for me to retire, that I should get a retirement job for a few years, too. I'll work at an LSS (local scrapbook store) or Hobby Lobby to be able to feed my addiction. And in 10 years, we'll be celebrating our 37th anniversary in high style!

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Suzanne said...

Grandkids, huh? Guess I didn't think about that! LOL Sounds like a good plan Karen! :-)