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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Suzanne's Blog Challenge #14

April Fools! What memory does the word 'prank' stir up for you? Write about a time someone played a prank on you or you played a prank on someone else.

I think the best/worst prank anyone ever played on me was in high school. I drove a '67 Volkswagon Beetle then and usually parked it in front of the band hall when I drove to school. One Saturday, a large group of us went to Solo and Ensemble Contest in a town that was about an hour and half's drive away. We rode a big yellow bus as that was all we had and could afford in 1980. (It was a really small school compared to today's schools!)

When we arrived back at the school at the end of the day, I got off the bus, went to the band hall to put away my stuff and when I came back out to go to the car, it was gone! I know I had locked it, I always did. I had the key in my hand, so I know no one drove off with it. All the kids that were around heard my commotion as I went back inside to use the phone to call my dad and the sherriff's office. While I was talking to my dad, someone came in and said, "Karen, they found your car!" When I found out where it was, the only thing I could think of was that some of the football players from my class had picked it up and moved it about 100 yards to the other side of a building behind a fence next to the band hall. It was not visible unless you went looking for it.

No one ever fessed up to it. Hmm...

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Suzanne said...

LOL! Picked it up? Seriously! That is FUNNY! :-D