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Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things...And an Update

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1. I'm a fifth generation Texan and still live within 100 miles of the family homestead.
2. I'm BOI (Born on the Island...Galveston Island, that is).
3. I've worked in four different industries doing the same job for the last 21 years.
4. I've been married for 27 years and we just passed the 28th anniversary of when we met.
5. Both of my sons are over 6'2" tall and as far as I know have never hit each other.
6. My worst fear is drowning.
7. I've only been paid to play an instrument twice in my life, but I play or sing almost every week.
8. I used to be an alto, but switched to soprano when most of our church sopranos left. I still consider myself a "switch-singer" (think baseball, folks).
9. We expect to be out of debt by next summer, living like no one else, then we can live like no one else. (Dave Ramsey)
10. I went to three different schools in 2nd grade because my 1st grade education was so bad.
11. I learned to read when I was three or four years old.
12. My parents took us on a three-month vacation when I was seven and so many of my experiences there still inform my life today.
13. I was the spelling champion in my junior high in 7th grade and was 7th in the city of Austin that year.
14. I've been in band since 6th grade and started playing piano in 4th grade. And I still play an instrument as often as I can.
15. I have the most amazing church family. I always have a place to go no matter what's going on.
16. I have the dumbest dog in the world, but he sure is sweet, if needy.
17. My brother and brother-in-law both waited so long to start their families that I am old enough to be my niece's and nephew's grandmother.
18. My mother bought her mother-of-the-bride dress in Greenville, MS and my mother-in-law bought her dress in New Braunfels and the only difference between them was the color. And they wore them to the wedding.
19. I was 19 when I got married.
20. I almost got a pilot's license.
21. I was on a boat that almost sank in the middle of the Mississippi River. If you want to hear the story, just ask me.
22. I was on a boat that went through a tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico during a sailboat race. If you want to here THAT story, just ask me.
23. Misspellings make me crazy. Especially when I find them printed in books or in a newspaper or some kind of professional writing on-line. I know how to spell most words, so any misspellings you find in here are because I probably fat-fingered the keygoard.
24. Sometimes my friends call me Cliffette Clavin. (Think "Cheers")
25. I love getting mail, but I'm horrible about sending it out. I guess I get what I deserve.

And now for the health update. I'm not afraid, I have faith in God that all thing will work out as He has planned for me. Since they're not sure where the blood clots in my lungs came from (ultrasound of my leg veins and heart were clear), they're going to do a CT scan of my chest, abdomen, and pelvis. I was told by my doctor today that they're looking to make sure there's no cancer, particularly ovarian cancer, which can cause blood clots. She sent me to get a CA125 blood test (I believe it's a test for ovarian cancer) and a mammogram. I was going to schedule it for later this month, but she insisted I get it done today. She is pretty confident there's nothing wrong, but she wants to be sure.

Since I will be leading a Walk to Emmaus this summer, the opposition will be great, or so I've been told. And I believe them because since I accepted the position I have been sicker than I have ever been in my life with pneumonia, blood clots, and now the myriad tests I must go through. If you pray, I am asking for your prayers. Prayers for strength in the face of adversity and prayers for good health so that I can be an effective leader in helping develop leaders for local churches through the Walk to Emmaus.


GinniG said...

I'll be praying about your walk! It's amazing how obvious old slewfoot can be isn't it?! Now that you know what's going on you can fight it better. And so can we! I'm so very glad you're okay and can't wait to meet you someday THIS side of heaven!!! ;) Keep us posted on your health AND the walk updates okay? Love you!

GinniG said...

Oh and I AM on Facebook, just not very often. So's Shelley! AND you've been tagged! Check out my blog! ;)