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Monday, February 9, 2009

Thank You, Tammy

Tammy called me this evening to see how I was doing. "No blog updates and I'm not afraid to use the phone."

I'm doing so much better. I feel like I've got all my strength back, but just out of shape. They are still running tests to figure out what caused the blood clots to form. I'm hoping that they are able to figure it out and that's is not something sinister.

I've been back to work for two weeks now, so I'd say things are pretty much back to normal. It's interesting with a scare like this how your family reacts. I think my boys were pretty scared, which I don't blame them. I was a little scared, too, but whenever I asked them to do something, there was no argument or procrastinating. I guess now that I'm better, they'll start taking me for granted again. My husband, who knew everything that was going on, was a little frightened, too, but he's been so supportive and kind. He even got me an early birthday present. He's taking me to see Gordon Lightfoot at the Majestic Theatre, one of San Antonio's most beautiful venues. He's not taking me for granted.

I am still asking for prayers that the source of my illness may be found and that it's not something that can't be easily fixed. My family history, though, makes me concerned. Thank you, my dear readers and friends, for your support through prayers, cards, and phone calls. I love you.


Tammy said...

Well - if that is all it takes to get you to blog then I will call more often! LOL Glad you are feeling better.

Colleen said...

So glad you are feeling better, keep on the continued road of recovery. Try not to worry about what they are going to find, I know you have trust so just keep leaning on the Lord.

GinniG said...

I would call too if I had your number! :) Thanks to Tammy for keeping close tabs on you. I'm glad you're feeling better. Definitely saying prayers for a complete and utter healing no matter what THEY say it is! Jesus bore our sicknesses and diseases and will help you get through all this! And have a wonderful time at the Gordon Lightfoot concert! Happy Valentine's Day too! ;)