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Monday, May 14, 2007

How Was Mother's Day?

My Mother's Day was not too bad, all things considered. On Saturday, DH took me shopping to get an accessory for my Nikon D50, which he gave me for Christmas. I got to pick out a Nikkor 70-300mm telephoto lens. It should be here next week, hopefully.

Then Sunday, I got to sleep later than usual for a Sunday morning since we decided to only go to Sunday School and the late service. We're usually at both singing or playing instruments. The youth group was serving "Momlettes." That's basically a casserole made with sausage, eggs, bread, and cheese. It was good. The son that's still in youth didn't actually serve me like the other youths served their mothers, but he was filling plates for everyone else, so that's okay.

Then right after church I got a text message from the older boy who was in Thibideaux, LA that said "Happy Mothers Day!" I sent back, "Thank you! I love you." and got back a "Love you, too." That made my whole day. Neither of my boys is demonstrative and they never tell us in words that they love us, but once in a while we'll get one of those and it's great.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on my circle journal, which I'll be sending out tomorrow. I made an accordion book for this. I actually made two, but the first was only 6x6. I made a bigger one of 8x8 and put more pages in. I finished decorating it and creating some pages in my theme. I'm looking forward to seeing what other people put in and what they're sending my way to add to. This is a first so I'm excited about it.

I just came back from the ENT because of a niggling thing in my throat that the dentist couldn't see and it won't go away. He stuck a nasal laryngoscope up my nose (after some numbing) to look at my throat and vocal cords. After he diagnosed acid reflux and he was backing the scope out, he spotted the thing that I was referring to. Apparently there's an ulcer on my tonsil that, because of the acid reflux, may have started out as a scratch and got infected and won't heal. I'll be getting my antibiotics and Nexxium on the way home. What a drag! I have to give up caffeine and chocolate! Horror of horrors! What's a chocaholic to do?

Oh well. I go back in six weeks to see if anything's changed. Let's hope so.

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Suzanne said...

Oh Karen! I HATE that up the nose, down the throat thing! I was diagnosed with gastro-esophogial reflux disease a few years ago. After a few months of Nexium, it magically disappeared. Occassionally, it will flair up, but can mostly be tamed with OTC stuff. Keep us posted! Hugs!