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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day Follow-up

I just received a call from my father's SO. We have to call her that because they have no intention of ever getting married because of financial reasons, but I choose to call her my stepmother because she has stepped in for our family since my mother's death. I made cards for my stepmother and DH's stepmother. Mary called today to let me know how Daddy's surgery went to remove a polyp in his sinuses and when I asked if she had got the card I sent, she took off to find it. They live part-time in his city, part-time in her city, and part-time traveling around the country, so mail is gathered and stored. She had to go look through the box at Daddy's because she thought it was all his mail. Sooo...she loved the card and the sentiment, and Daddy's doing great.

We go with DS#1 tomorrow to meet with an accountant about getting his business set up properly. It's getting incrementally closer and closer to reality. I covet prayers and good thoughts coming our way for the success of his business. He's 20 years old and isn't afraid of failure. I suppose it's the certainty of youth, but I know he's going to make a good go at it one way or another. He's thought through so many different facets, he's getting accounts lined up, getting his sales force lined up, and has made a lot of good contacts in the field. My boy's growing up.

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Suzanne said...

That's funny about your dads SO. My Gram has a "man friend." She's 94. It's all about the $$$. LOL