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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Travelling for Business

I am currently in Anaheim, California, taking a class for my job. I'm learning about clustering HP-UX systems with Serviceguard. Now if you know what that means, you're truly part of the geek-dom. If not, suffice it to say I'm learning an advanced computer topic.

The trip out here was really quite tolerable, considering what one must go through to get on an airplane. There was a little turbulence, but nothing that bothered me in the least. The only problem I had was that I couldn't clear my ears on descent and there were two of them! When they finally did clear, it sounded like there were Pop Rocks candy going off in my ears. The pressure was so bad both times that my eyes were watering and my hearing was going dim. I really thought I might burst an eardrum at one point. I was just hoping it wouldn't be both! I suppose I shouldn't have left home without taking some serious decongestant, but I did and that's what happens.

When I got to my hotel room, I had a throbbing headache from all the sinus and ear pressure and my ears were still popping. Even today, three days later, there's still some popping going on and I've even been taking Claritin-D religiously since Monday. I hope it clears up before I leave on Friday! Otherwise it's going to be a long flight home.

I spoke to my husband yesterday and he told me a funny story. Snickers, the big dumb dog, is afraid of lightening, thunder, water, cats, you name it. Well, on Monday night there was a thunderstorm. Ever since Tango died, Snickers has been an indoor dog, so he's fairly well insulated from storms, but the thunder still bothers him. Randy told me that DS#1 woke up Tuesday morning with Snickers in bed with him! That dog has never been on any furniture except the couch where Tango used to lay down. How he came to the conclusion that sleeping with one of the boys was an okay thing to do, but in light of his fear, I guess it was okay. What a goofy dog!

Last evening after class I drove out to Long Beach to see the Queen Mary. This is an oceanliner passenger ship that began sailing in 1936. I didn't go aboard, but I wanted to be able to say I had seen it. It's definitely a big ship. I'll post a photo later. I drove back down the Pacific Coast Highway just to be different and see what all the hoopla about the PCH is, but I got lost after I turned off of it to get to Anaheim. It's a good thing I had my trusty PDA loaded with mapping software because I was able to get my location loaded in and it took me right back to the Embassy Suites. Whew! I could have been lost for a long time or ended up in San Diego!

Tonight I'm going to Redondo Beach Pier to see the sights. It ought to prove interesting. One other place I would like to see is the Crystal Cathedral. I'll have to google it to find out how to get there. Hopefully I can make it by there in daylight to take some photos.

Finally, in closing, GO! SPURS! GO! ~ GO! SPURS! GO! ~ GO! SPURS! GO!

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Suzanne said...

Sounds like you're having a great trip! Can't wait to see some pics! :-)