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Friday, June 29, 2007

Look What The Rain Brought

We got sent home from work early yesterday due to all the rain. They wanted us to get home safely because there were a LOT of road closures. Since I had extra time, I went to DS#1's office to work on the painting. I got the base sky color finished and since it was late, decided to take the stuff home to clean it up. I took it all outside the house by the hose and got ready to start cleaning when I found some interesting looking visitors to the yard.

This guy was the one that caught my eye and made me run for the camera. He was facing the other direction and stretched out to at least 3 inches from nose to tail. He had gone down the side of the wood and I picked him back up to the top of the wood, but he never got going like he was before.

These guys and their kin usually live in the front flower bed among the irises, but with the rain, everything is green and lush and inviting for garden pests. Hopefully this will keep them from munching on the flower plants.

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Suzanne said...

Very cool pics! Sure wish you'd send some rain this way! :-)