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Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Scrapbook Success

Yesterday was UMYF (United Methodist Youth Fellowship) for our kids. The same ones who went to HEB camp, as mentioned in a previous post. I was invited to do another HEB Camp Scrapbooking event, so I packed up all the paper supplies that we used at camp, picked out a few appropriate dies and the cutter, piled on the stamps, inks, pens, and scissors, stopped at the Dollar Tree on the way to get glue sticks and headed to the church. I had even made an album to put the pages in. Never mind that I didn't have pictures to scrap.

So there are two things going on here. First was just getting the event going, second is our interim youth director is overwhelmed. I had asked her to get the pictures, since she has easy access to the account to pay for them and asked her to let me know whether she was getting them. That was Monday. When did I get the answer? Between services on Sunday. So I started picking pictures from the 150 or so that were on Snapfish. I finished picking at about 3:30 and knew that I had to get them sent to Walgreen's for processing or they wouldn't be ready for MYF. I got the e-mail back that said they would be ready at 5:55. 25 minutes after the start of MYF. I stopped by there at 5:20 on the off-chance they'd be ready, but no, they were next in line to print. They'd be ready in 15-20 minutes. I went on over to the church to start setting up and hoped I could find someone to go pick them up. Thankfully, Marsha offered to go back to get them and brought them in time for the kids to have finished snack supper and start crafting.

So back to the first problem. There were only five kids that showed up. Two of the missing kids were my own dear son and the youth director's son. There were eight adults! What's wrong with this picture? If you pray, please pray for our youth minister and youth ministry.

All in all though, since I decided to use an 8x8 format, instead of the 12x12 from last year, we managed to get 22 pages made. I figured it would be less intimidating to fill the smaller page and sure enough, one of the girls made about five pages alone! I made the album to put them in and the who project came together quite well. I'm hoping the local scrapbook store has single 8x8 page protectors because I only need one more.

When I get enough time, I'm going to photograph at least the cover and maybe some of the more interesting pages to post in my 123-scrap gallery. I'll put up a link when I do.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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Chris said...

Hey, Karen. If you need an 8x8 page protector, just LMK. I've got plenty!