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Monday, August 6, 2007

Busy Weekend

Saturday was our second choir rehearsal since coming off hiatus at church. We still didn't sing on Sunday, but after a month off, there are some rusty voices that need to get going again! So Saturday morning it all started. After choir practice, we picked up DS#2 and went to lunch, then to Office Depot because I needed to make more band booster membership cards and I had run out of business cardstock. While we were there, we found that they were having a sale on backpacks for back to school. 15% off the backpack and everything you could put in it! Since he needed a new backpack, I took the opportunity to load up on pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, and a few other things that I needed, too. I really like sales!

After that we went to Game Stop so he could get a game and reserve another on that's coming out two days after his birthday. I'd already told him I'd get it for his birthday. I forgot about it until he reminded me. Nothing like getting the shopping done early, right? DH and I waited in the car and when he finally came out, he not only had a game, but a job application. He doesn't like busing tables at the restaurant and he'd really rather work at Game Stop. Hopefully it will work out better for him. At least he wouldn't come home smelling like a stale kitchen.

I spent the rest of the afternoon printing the membership cards and sorting through the pictures I took at HEB Camp. I whittled the count from 650 to 365, but that's still way too many. They're loaded at Snapfish and when you are looking at them, there's an option to purchase the whole album. I didn't realize just how many there were until I looked at the cost: $43.80! WAY too many pictures!

Then on Sunday, we had our Financial Peace University and church, then lunch at the County Line. It's a regional restaurant that's okay. I'm not fond of it, but DH loves it. Our family meal was interrupted by a family who was being seated at the table next to us, but moved to a booth, with about a 2-3 year old daughter that wanted to put her toy stroller and bunny in a baby-carrier hold just like her baby sister was getting. She screamed and cried for about 10 minutes. Daddy finally took the stroller away back to the car. Normally crying children don't bother me because I've been through that, but in this case it disgusted me that mom and dad were just telling her to be quiet and not explaining to her why she couldn't have what she wanted. All they did was fuss at her.

After lunch we went home and lounged around and/or napped. When it was time for MYF, I needed to go, but DS#1 didn't want to. So here I am, an adult with a youth, going to youth fellowship by myself. I'm providing the activity for next week, scrapbooking HEB Camp from last week. It was a hit when we did it last year. I hope it's as much fun. This year I'm making the book itself and just need to find 8x8 page protectors. And I need to figure out which 50 or so pictures to print.

Our speaker at MYF was Katherine Adair, a young woman who wrote a book at 17. It's Christian fiction called "Saving Hollywood." She's a very dynamic person with a strong sense of what God is calling her to do. She's got a great story and related well with the kids that were there, as well as with the adults. I enjoyed it! Even better, I won a copy of the book and she signed it for me.

After I got back home, I spent several hours sorting out the mess in my paper scraps and a bunch of letter and number stickers that Tammy sent me (thank you, Tammy!!!). We were using them at camp and they got a lot out of order. I'm not sure why I bothered because I'll be taking them back next Sunday. I'll just have to sort them out again, I'm sure.

I actually was able to do a scrapbook page last week. I was definitely in need of some therapy and found a photo that I had pulled out some time ago that I wanted to scrap. I like to put a lot of pictures on each page because I hate wasting paper and all of the pictures deserve to be preserved (that's how it works in my head). But this was just a single 4x6 and I felt it deserved its own page. It's a picture of my parents and grandmother from my brother's first wedding. My mother and grandmother are gone now, so it's an especially meaningful picture. I used a sketch from Pam at and coordinating papers from a slab to come up with this:

The flowers are cut out from one of the papers. Thought it just looked so vintage, like the elders of my life.

Y'all have a great week!

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