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Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's A Miracle!

I was at the store last night, painting away, skipping choir practice, and DH showed up after choir practice to check on me. He had come by earlier after work to visit before going to church and then came back by and saw I was still there. I had finished taping the walls, except for a small section where I ran out of tape, and had started painting. I really wanted to get the horizontal lines painted and then I could come back and work on the vertical lines, since those are not quite as simple. Well, he asked how long I'd be since it was already 10 PM and he didn't want me to stay too long. I told him that when I ran out of paint in the small pan I was using, I'd be done. He figured it would take all night and then some and went to get a brush and started helping (GASP!).

Even the small part that he did was very helpful. I didn't run out of paint, but we did leave by 11:15 or so. I'll be back tonight to do some more. DS wanted it finished by this morning, but timeline was moved up from Sept. 1. Turns out he had a vendor coming in this morning to demonstrate some equipment and wanted to at least show progress. I hope he got the trash picked up!

I'll have more picture tonight, I'm sure.

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