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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Out of Town Company

We have an out of town visitor this week. Devlon used to be our church choir director and he and my husband are best friends. Devlon's wife is a pastor who was appointed to a church down in the valley, so Randy and Devlon usually only get to see each other when Devlon's wife comes up here and Randy goes down there or we go to a conference-wide event, like Adult Choir Workshop. Anyway, Devlon had a meeting to go to today up here and his wife suggested that he stay a few extra days. We haven't had an overnight guest in our home in many years, other than the boys' best friends spending a night or two.

It's great to have him visiting because he's a lot of fun. I just hope the dog didn't try to sleep with him on his air mattress last night. Or the cats! We kept our door closed for privacy, so the animals didn't get to sleep with us. I guess I know why we don't invite people to stay very often!

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Tammy said...

Enjoy your company and I am sure everything was just fine :)