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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stinkin' Composition Books

DS#2 is a senior in high school this year so I've been doing the school supply thing for more than 12 years. DS#1 is three years older, so I feel like a pro at school supplies. Until tonight.

School started here on August 27, almost three weeks ago. During the first week, he got each teachers' requirements for class supplies. The English teacher, as one would imagine, requested a composition notebook. The day we went to the store to get supplies, they were out of them. He got a regular spiral-bound and hoped that would be okay. I've been back to the store several times and they were always out. Since he didn't remind me, it got pushed to the bottom of the mental stack of things to do. Well, he reminded me on Tuesday night at bedtime. I asked him if the spiral-bound wasn't working out and he said no, she required a composition book.

Wouldn't you know that the day before he told me he needed one the first time, I had one laying around the house that I altered into a journal for the Harvesting Your Thoughts class at Obviously he wouldn't use that one!

Well, tonight I went on a quest. (We had choir practice last night.) I went to the usual grocery store that had been out, then went home to make supper. I had an exhausting day at work today, so I laid down and promptly forgot everything. DH reminded me at 9 PM. Up I jumped to go to Wally-World. They were out. The clerk said that they got a shipment for back-to-school, but back-to-school was over. And besides, there were teachers that would come in and buy the whole lot of them.

Then I went to Walgreen's on the way to see if Office Depot was open. All they had was a little 4x6 Composition Book. Not what I was looking for. So I swung by O.D., but they were closed. There was another grocery store of the same chain nearby, so I stopped in there, but no joy. The Super Target was across the street with an Office Max next door, but O.M. was closed, too. I went to Target hoping to find anything at this point. I went to the aisle that was labeled Composition Books and they had, not the type I was looking for, but all kinds of others. The store was about to close, so I got one that I thought a senior young man wouldn't be embarassed to be seen with.
On the way home I happened to pass another Walgreen's, so I swung in on the off chance they'd have one, but they had the same stock as the other one I'd been to. So for an hour, between 9 and 10 PM, I went to seven places, two of which were closed, to searching in vain for something that should be as ubiquitous as Kleenex.
I'll probably laugh about this in the morning. I told DS that if the English teacher gave him any flack about not having the right book, to call me. I'll be only too happy to tell her this story...
'Night, All!

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Jayne said...

Wow! I feel bad to tell you that just yesterday I got 15 of them for NEXT year at 25 cents a piece. Sorry for alll the hassles!