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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Congratulations UTSA Baseball

DS#1 has been anxiously waiting for tonight for nine months. We just returned from the UTSA basketball game vs Texas State University where the baseball team received their Southland Conference Championship rings. They won the title in May and had to wait until tonight for the rewards. We are so proud of him. After the ring cermony we stopped to congratulate the manager of the team, also, since he won the Southland Conference Coach of the Year award. We introduced ourselves and told them who our son was and he and his lovely wife were very gracious about how much they thought of him. She even said that she hopes her son grows up to be as sweet as ours. Can you see my heart swelling with pride?

On another note, tonight is the 27th anniversary of the night that my husband and I met at a Southwest Texas State University basketball game. Wanna hear the story? Read on.

She said--

I was a freshman music major at SWT and one of the requirements was that music majors had to play in the basketball band at least once per season and I picked that one just to get it over with. I sat with my section and played. I didn't know anything about basketball except that they shoot the ball at the basket.

He said--

I was having a bad day at work and decided to go to the basketball game at SWT. That's where I graduated from and even though I wasn't a music major, I was very involved with the marching band and jazz band. I knew that they didn't care who played with the band at the game, so I took my sax and just showed up. I figured that since I didn't know too many of the people there, I would sit by the prettiest girl there, which happened to be this cute clarinet player. So I sat next to her.

She said--

This guy I didn't recognize sat down next to me with a saxophone. We eventually started talking and when the game was over, we packed up our instruments and got ready to leave. As we were walking to our cars in the parking lot, he asked me if I would like to go out to get some dessert and tea somewhere. I figured what the heck. I like dessert. So we got in his car and drove around looking for a place to get dessert and tea. We drove past a Mexican restaurant and decided to stop there.

He said--

We went to Pic-a-taco and after we were seated learned that they didn't have any dessert items left, so we ordered nachos and tea.

There you have it. We met at a basketball game and went out for tacos and tea afterward. I have to admit that I didn't actually interview him for this post, but I've heard the story so many times that I made it up from memory. It's pretty accurate. We're still married after all these years. Perhaps I'll tell you more of the story later.

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GinniG said...

What a great story!!! Sounds like God just moved on both of you and the rest is history!! Congrats to both of you!