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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What Does Morning Look Like?

Today's entry is from Suzanne's weekly blog challenge. I intend to go back and do the first one at some point, but when I get home, I forget about the blogosphere sometimes. Anyway, the challenge this week is:

Focus on JUST the first half hour of your waking day. Write a blog entry describing it in depth. Include details such as what time you wake up and what your mood is generally. Are you usually well rested? Do you use an alarm clock to wake? If so, is it set to music or buzzing? Use lots of descriptive words!

My alarm goes off at 5:45 in the morning. Actually three alarms go off at 5:45. On DH's side of the bed is the buzzer and his clock is always a few minutes fast. Then the Bose radio alarm comes on followed closely by my phone/PDA on my side of the bed. The radio is more apt to be on time since I set it it and check it periodically. I'll lay there for a couple of minutes and exchange morning greetings with DH.

"How're you?"
"Okay, I guess. How're you?"
"Did you sleep well?"

Here continues a discussion of how each of us slept through the night. After that, I'm up to put the dog outside and check to see if someone started a load of laundry during the night. Delayed start is great because they can wash while we sleep and dry while we get ready for the day. Then it's off to the bathroom for my morning ritual. Potty, shower, brush teeth, dry hair, and if I'm feeling particularly ahead of schedule, perhaps some makeup. Then it's off to hunt down clothes to wear. That usually covers the first 30 minutes of my day.


Suzanne said...

Ahh, the morning "niceties." I forgot those on my entry. "Morning, morning. How'd you sleep? Fine. You? Fine." LOL
Gee, no Internet? No caffeine? I would DIE! LOL

Rach said...

That's what I was thinking .. no internet? no coffee? lol
I guess if you work on the computer all day, who wants to start their day off on one too?

Lisa said...

LOL, I don't get to have "niceties". At 6:30, I go in and say "honey, it's 6:30" "mmmm" says him. Then when we leave at 7:00 we go in and kiss the bum goodbye, say our I love yous, and then he's on his own. But he is so not a morning person.

Jayne said...

Your delay washer sounds like something I need!!