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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


This is for Suzanne's YITL Challenge #2. The word is "winter." Winter in South Texas isn't idyllic by any stretch of the imagination. It's kind of frustrating that all of the winter scrapbook supplies include snowflakes, snowmen, things of that ilk. Here, winter is brown and dull. Although the live oak trees still have their leaves, the leaves are old and getting ready to fall in the spring (yes, it's backwards, but at least they're green). Don't get me wrong, most of the other trees have lost their leaves, but the evergreens and live oaks are still nice to look at. You know how in spring the green is "new" looking, kind of light, and fresh? The green now is that dark, old green.
The sky is usually bright blue, except on days like today when it's overcast and gray. The grass looks dead, but it's really just hibernating. It's brown. So in honor of that lack of freezing precipitation much of the rest of the country enjoys, here's my "winter" card.


Suzanne said...

LOVE.IT. Usually true in Alabama as well. :) Love how you did the title!

Lisa said...

love your color take on Winter!

Jayne said...

That turned out really cute! :)