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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Poor Little Truck

I took off a day from work last week and, while I was off, had lunch with DH. I picked him up at his office and as we walked into the restaurant he pointed out that I was missing another hubcap. This is the third one gone! I think they disappear from the parking lot a work. I work downtown and you never know who's walking around where I park, even though we have "security" there. Many is the time I've had to shoo them out of my parking space only to have them park in the next one a few minutes later. I've come out too many times to count to find the security guard parked in the same space he was in when I left that morning, messing with the cell phone, facing away from the parking lot. I wrote a letter of complaint to our parking coordinator and ever since, whenever I drive in, that security car pulls out of whatever space it's parked in.

Anyway, I figure the hub caps disappeared there because I believe I'd know if they fell off while driving, especially since both front ones are gone. I'm not so concerned about that, though. Last night when I got off the bus, I walked to the passenger side as I usually do to put my computer in the passenger seat (it's a two-seat Sonoma extended-cab truck). Then I drove over to the grocery store to pick up a few things before heading home. Mind you, this truck was parked in the Wal-Mart parking lot all day for many days this month. (I guess the hub caps could have disappeared there, too, but I think it's more likely from the downtown parking space.) As I came out of the grocery store, I walked up to the passenger side of my truck, just like I did at Wal-Mart (another story about why I don't shop wally-world could go here) and discovered that someone in the H.E.B. parking lot had whacked the side of the truck and dented it!

Fury doesn't begin to describe the fact that they didn't leave a note, even one of apology. This is the second vehicle I've had damaged at an H.E.B. parking lot. The fury was due to my helplessness in the situation. It's a private parking lot so calling the police won't do any good and the store claims no responsibility for damage to cars, so it's totally on me to get it repaired. This little truck has less than 23,000 miles on it and until last night had not a single scratch! Just some missing hubcaps. Grrrr!

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Suzanne said...

Grrr is right! GRRRR!!! People are so rude!