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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Holiday I Dislike the Most

From Suzanne's Blog Challenge, Blog challenge # 3
Rant and rave! What holiday drives you nuts? Think of a holiday people fuss over. Write about loving and/or disliking that holiday.

What holiday drives me nuts? Any of the ones that causes merchandise for that holiday to be put out two months in advance of said holiday. Valentine's Day, Halloween, even Christmas. I love Christmas, but I despise the fact that you can find Christmas decorations before the Halloween stuff is even off the floor, much less before Thanksgiving is over. And speaking of Halloween, what happened to kids getting dressed up to snag candy from the neighbors? Now it's all about adults (kids who haven't grown up) having an excuse to be someone else, get drunk, and act like fools because they're a different persona. And Valentine's day. It's ONE FREAKIN' DAY! Why is the candy (which makes us fat) and the hearts and the jewelry all out by January 1st? And why does the price of roses go up 5 times normal? Just because the greedy corporate people can and the rest of the suckers, I mean people, are too stupid to just tell their sweetheart they love them. I personally don't need flowers or cards or candy from my husband to know that he cares. The fact that he works, helps pay the bills, helps raise our sons, and treats me with respect is proof enough!

That's probably enough ranting for now.

I would like to let everyone know that Snickers is back home and re-adjusting to being home. I don't remember if I told you that we had taken him to DB and SIL's home in Austin while we were in Las Vegas. We got back on Sunday and weren't able to get up there right away to get him. On Wednesday, SIL called and said Snickers hadn't been there all day and she just wanted to let us know if we were coming that day to get him. DS#1 went the next day in hopes that he would be back because he apparently wandered away a couple of times while we were gone, but always came back. He wasn't there, so I e-mailed photos of the dog to SIL and she and DS#1 put up signs all over the neighborhood, the store, the local vets, etc. We didn't hear anything until Sunday, someone called SIL and said they thought they had Snickers. Since DS was starting back to school and had baseball stuff in the afternoon, he coudn't go. DH had to work. It was a slow day for me, so I told her that I'd be up as soon as I got off work or earlier if I could get away. My co-workers overheard me telling her and my husband my plans and they said to go ahead and leave. "If it were my dog, I'd be on the way already." So I left at 3:30 for the two hour drive in a borrowed Ford Econoline van (another story). When I was about 20 minutes away, SIL calls and says the people want them to pick him up now, so I didn't get to see where he was.

It turns out that he wasn't that far from home. He was in an RV park with a family that had several children and they were all living in a travel trailer. SIL said none of them had a full set of teeth and all the adults had cigarettes hanging out of their mouths. They wanted to keep him, but they figured they didn't have enough room for him, so they called. It was so funny because they had left to pick up the dog just minutes before I arrived and I really needed to relieve myself. While I was in the bathroom, my niece came running through the house, "Aunt Karen! Aunt Karen! Snickers is home! Snickers is home!" When I came around the corner calling his name, he looked bewildered, but happy to see me.

Anyway, he's home now, getting back to his normal routine. He's been turning his nose up at the kibble because he was getting eggs and pancakes at the hillbilly's place, but he'll be back to normal soon. DS is planning to take him to get a harness, since the pin-head dog slips his regular collar, and get him microchipped so that we have a better chance at recovery next time.

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about the Excursion. That's another long post in itself. Have a great day!


Suzanne said...

LOL Karen! Ditto on the holiday peeves, but happy to hear about Snickers! :-)

Lisa said...

I have the same pet peeve about the merchandising months in advance...and spew my venom every year about it, LOL.
So glad Snickers is home!