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Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Keep Spinnin'...

Have you ever had a spinning sensation, not unlike being tipsy or getting off a merry-go-round? It usually goes away pretty quickly, right? My head has been spinning for almost a week now! If I weren't trying to be functional, it could be pretty fun, but it hampers driving and anything that requires turning my head too fast. It's pretty cool that I've been able to narrow it down to only happening when my eyes are moving in a horizontal plane (left<->right). If I fix my focus on something and turn my head, it doesn't happen. If I look up and down, it doesn't happen. I can get around fairly well if I look at the floor while I'm turning corners. I know that it's not related to my ears and it's not vertigo. Weird, huh?

I believe that it has something to do with changing medications. My doctor changed out my med based on one symptom and I haven't been the same in about 3 weeks. I had to stop the first one for 10 days then start the new one. Starting the new one is what I think is causing the problems. I called to let her know and she said to stop the new one and give it a few days. I'm in the middle of the few days right now, so hopefully I'll be better by tomorrow.

Because of all this, I've not been working on getting the store painted because, although I'm not normally afraid of climbing ladders, I just feel that with a rickety ladder and a rickety head, something might fall over and break. I'd rather it not be me. I will share some pretty poor pictures of the progress, though.

This one is from July 12. I handpainted the sky and clouds. The brick color was rolled on and I'm now painting on "mortar" lines.
This one is from July 15. This is so tedious. What you can't see here is that I've got three more sections of wall just like this to do. I'm beginning to wonder why I thought I could do it.
Oh well, it's too late to stop now! It will look great once it's done.

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Suzanne said...

Oh my GOSH, Karen! That looks FABULOUS! Can't wait to see the finished product! :-)