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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sorry I've Been MIA

I have felt like c*** for the last week. I started getting a sore throat on July 4th and have gotten steadily worse for the whole time since. I've had more sinus congestion in the last 3 months than in the last 3 years, I think. Not to be too gross, but since I thought my head was going to explode going to California, I am now feeling like an emphysema patient with all the gunk coming out of my nose and lungs. I was supposed to continue painting on DS#1's store this weekend, but didn't have time or feel well enough to do it.

I left work early last Friday because I was feeling so yucky. Even my manager said I sounded like I needed to go home. I was only in the office because two of the four people were out for vacation or bereavement (one of the guys' grandfather died last week) and the third had to go to the remote site for some work. That would have left the office uncovered for about half the day and I also had to give the on-call networking card to the third co-worker as he was going on-call that day. I also ended up setting up a server reboot for 10AM Saturday morning, when I was scheduled to be at a praise band rehearsal. As it turned out, I was too croaky to sing anyway. It took an hour longer than it was supposed to to get the server rebooted, but it got the problems they were having out of the way. However, that set Sunday up for a busted morning.

DH was supposed to play bass Sunday morning and I was supposed to sing. I called the music director and told him there was no way I could sing, should DH go to rehearsal? He said no, come early Sunday morning to rehearse since it was all music he'd done before or was very simple. So we get there at 7:45 for the 8:30 service so he can run through the music with the others and the music director said he wasn't playing since he didn't rehearse. He forgot what he told me just the day before.

Anyway, since our Financial Peace University class started at 9:00, halfway through the first service, we stayed for the sermon (which was quite good) and then went to class. Since I wasn't scheduled for any worship leading, I knew that I'd be able to take DS#2 to his job to be there by noon, which is also when the 2nd service ended. So, since neither of us were, we both left after our class and took DS#2 to work. We had to go back to the church to get DH's bass. I really had issues with having to be at church extra early and not being able to serve, so I didn't feel bad about not being at either service for the whole time, but I was still terribly bothered by DH taking home not only his bass, but also the amp that he usually kept there. It made me feel like he didn't plan on playing there anymore.

To make matters worse, my doctor wanted me to switch anti-depressants because of some issues I thought I was having and she had me stop the Lexapro for 10 days before starting Wellbutrin. She's not a psychiatrist, but has me on lowest doses of these things. It had been 11 days since my last Lexapro and I was an emotional wreck. Sunday morning just had me totally messed up. Then I had to go to a meeting at church Sunday evening. I think I finally calmed down by then because I was scrapping a little bit in the afternoon. Actually I wasn't scrapping as much as playing with paint and stamping things with foam stamps in acrylic paint on my walls. Kind of made me feel like a kid coloring on the walls. The only person that could get mad at me for doing it was me and I felt so naughty (BIG grin).

I was inspired to do that from an idea booklet I picked up at the Stampin' Up party I had gone to Saturday afternoon. I made three cards there and had so much fun learning little things and buying too much stuff. (Dave Ramsey would have been disappointed.)

Anyway, today I'm still horking up crud, but I've been at work the last two days. I think I have another meeting at church tonight, but if I don't hopefully I'll be able to hit the store to paint some more. I made a template to paint the "bricks" onto the wall and I've been anxious to try it for over a week now.

Y'all have a great day and stay healthy!

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Suzanne said...

Aww, sending healing thoughts your way! I hate being sick and summer colds are the WORST! Also, try to slow down missy! You're wearing your resistance down! Hugs! :-)