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Monday, April 9, 2007

And now Easter is over

This Easter season has been almost as hectic as Christmas was, without the presents, though. It's actually not quite over, yet because our choir cantata is on the 15th, the week after Easter. We worked so hard on all of the Easter Sunday music that I'm a little concerned about the cantata music. We haven't worked on it that much.

We did have a family congregation at my aunt's house in Boerne, about 1/2 an hour away. Both sons were there, yeah! I was reading my last post and probably need to update the status of DS1. Not only has he quit his job at the sports company, he got the go ahead from his grandfather yesterday to go ahead with securing the space and the name for his new company. Grandpa's backing him in this venture.

DS1, I found out yesterday, may be uninvited to attend the University next semester. He's concerned about his grades. My prediction: He's going to get kicked out of school and spend his time building his business. At this point I think that may be a better route. Not every successful business person finishes college. And for me, if he doesn't finish college, but is successful otherwise, I can't ask for more. His grandfather didn't finish college and look who is DS's primary investor.

We've had a very busy spring band season with Winter Drumline and Concert and Sight Reading contest AND a parade coming up in three weeks. I'm proud to announce that DS2's concert band earned straight one's from every judge in concert and sight reading. That means they earned another sweepstakes (they had ones at marching contest in the fall). The school has been open five years and they still have the original band director. He's won sweepstakes every year at this school. Wow!


Suzanne said...

Love the photo! You must be so proud! (said a former band momma :-) ) DS1 will be okay. Try not to worry. Hugs!

GinniG said...

Congrats to both of your sons! My philosophy is not to go through life thinnking "What if...?" but rather to try your dreams out when you have the opportunity! College will always be there if he decides he needs it later on. :)

And be sure to take care of yourself during these busy times. Schedule some "me" time in there too!