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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What a Night!

Last night was some pretty rough weather. The three of us at home went to get haircuts, but we knew we had to get back pretty soon because the weather was predicted to get fairly violent. I didn't think it would come too quickly, but just to be on the safe side, we put the dogs in the garage before we left. They don't like thunder and lightening and wind and rain (Argh!). Thunder can be 50 miles away and Snickers will hear it and start jumping on the windows and whining.

Anyway, after we got our haircuts, we went to pick up some food to take back home and on the drive to the window, the lightening grew steadily more frequent and long and we started to hear thunder while driving. You know it's close when you can hear it in a moving vehicle. We made it back home and then watched a little TV. About 9:30 I went to finish patching some baseball pants for DS's college team and work on another layout. My sewing machine was giving me fits the previous night, probably because it liked its 10 year hiatus. I thought I got it going, but then last night it started doing it again. took some time to actually get sewing. Sorry for the rabbit trails, but I just feel the need to explain myself.

So back to the weather. While I was working in my craft room I could hear the rain start up and some thunder. For a while the rain was pretty heavy. All I cared about though, was that the electricity stayed on so I could finish sewing. About midnight I finally made my way to bed and the thunder was getting pretty intense. DH was asleep, so I tried not to wake him while getting ready, but he woke up anyway. So we went to bed and about 15-20 minutes after lights out, I woke up to hear him talking to DS#1 and asking him where he was. They were on their way back from Victoria after playing UofH there (they lost, darn it!) and were getting close to the school, but they were going through some hail.

Now one time last baseball season, the team was on their way up IH-35 towards Dallas when they got caught in a vicious hail storm in San Marcos. DS called us from the bus during the storm and it was LOUD. One of the front windshields of the bus was busted by baseball-sized hail. I thought that was appropriate for the baseball team :) And earlier this season, they got snowed on in Dallas and had to slog through ice and sleet coming home until they got to Austin. What is it with these guys and weather?

The airport got 1.6" last night, but I'm sure that we got at least 3 inches. When I went out this morning, someone's bag of garbage had floated down the street and stopped in our cul-de-sac. What a night!

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Suzanne said...

ACK! Glad it all turned out okay! Hugs!