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Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Stuff

This was a fun/scary weekend for me. The big activity was to decorate our hats and the "mules" for the Battle of Flowers Parade, one of the three big ones for Fiesta San Antonio. But before that was concession stands at the school district's softball tournament followed by late lunch with my out-of-town family. My SIL was bringing me my Pampered Chef purchase from Easter. Well, true to my poor scheduling and paying attention, concessions were longer than I thought so I had to get late lunch rescheduled to early supper in the middle of the decorating party. Fortunately we got to leave the concessions early and drop by the party for a few minutes before meeting the family. That was all on Saturday!

On Sunday, after church I was going to try to be part of a welcome home group for the son of a friend who came home on R&R from Afghanistan, then celebrate another friend's 50th birthday, then take DS#2 shopping as he tore his pants pretty badly at school last week and he needed more of them anyway. So after church I called the first friend and her son had already arrived, but I did get to talk to him and tell him how much we were looking forward to seeing him next Saturday for his birthday, then I was able to go straight to the birthday lunch. What fun! There were 17 of us and our server said we were the best party she'd ever served. (All I can say is, "Church Group!") Then I took DS shopping and went home and did laundry I've been neglecting for too long. All of this was in the rain. Yech.

So much for the fun part. The scary part was talking about children in both contexts of social and church groups. At the decorating party some of the women were telling stories on their children about their sex lives and trouble they've gotten into. So far none of them has gotten into trouble because the parents warn them of the consequences of getting a girl pregnant, namely 18 years of child support. Some of the women talked about what they do to make sure their kids are drinking and such or what kind of things they've tried to get away with. I am so thankful that my boys are good boys. Neither of them dates except in groups, they don't like the taste of alcohol, and they don't smoke or do drugs. And they're not boring, either!

Then on Sunday, one of boys that's in DS#2's grade, although at a different school, had a girl sitting next to him that I'd never seen before and when they stood for the bendiction, I noticed she was pregnant. It's a large family so I figured she might be a cousin or something. I asked his mother after church who she was. That's her son's girlfriend. I'm sorry for the chaos that family is in right now, but I am still thankful my boys don't have girlfriends.

All of this shook me up enough to talk to my younger son about it. Older son was away with the baseball team and if something happens with him, he's old enough to get married and get a job to support a family, so I don't worry about him so much. I guess I don't have to worry about it because DS#2 told me that he plans to remain a virgin until he's married and can support a family. Praise God!

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