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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Picture A Day Challenge for 12/12/07

I adore the music staff at my church. Jeremiah is our choir director and he's a graduate of the music program at a local university majoring in opera. He's taught us how to sing and we have a wonderful sounding, albeit small, choir. David is our accompanist. He's a Jewish-born man who converted to Christianity, got degrees in music, teaching, has a Principal's certificate, and is attending seminary to become a Methodist minister. He teaches adult education classes at church and is very knowledgeable about the bible. His Jewish up-bringing gives us a great insight into what we learn from him. Steve is our sound guy. He's the one who makes us sound even better out in the congregation.

Every year we take up a collection to provide them with a token of our appreciation for all they do for us and our church. We used to give them cash, but this year, someone decided that they should get gift cards. So I decided to make paper wallets using techniques I've been learning from Tim Holtz' 12 Days of Techniques. It's been a fun time learning how to use products that I've heard of but never used. So this is what I came up with:

This is the front.

This is the inside. The left side is a stamp that says "We make beautiful music together" adn the other side says Thank You.

I used the technique of coloring the paper with one color and using it to put clear embossing powder on it, then cover it with a vintage photo color. I love the texture and how they look. I hope they like them.


Pam said...

AWWW! Those look great! So cool that you've got music in your life!

Rach said...

Wow, those are beautiful!