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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Picture A Day Challenge for 12/09/2007 - One Lone Decoration

My December is so busy every year that I get fewer and fewer decorations up each year. So far this year, I've got one decoration up. It's the door cross made of Mt. Rainier greenery from a fundraiser for DS's band. Hopefully I'll get more up this week. This picture has been Photoshopped because I took it sans flash on the front porch in the dark. I tried to highlight the cross, but I couldn't quite figure out how to feather the top layer enough. Perhaps I was trying to be too subtle?

I almost didn't get my PAD today because I left work at 6:00 this morning, went straight home to take a shower, change, and go to church where we performed our Christmas Cantata, carols arranged by John Rutter. It was beautiful, andI managed to stay awake. We came straight home after that and I hit the bed to sleep for a few hours. I woke up long enough to take a couple of pictures, including this one of Snickers laying in the yard when I went out to get the camera out of the car.

In keeping with my new-found eye for depth of-field, the flowers in bloom in December on my airplane plant are in the foreground. I'm not sure the weather is ready for Christmas because I was barefoot in shorts and a t-shirt taking these pictures!

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