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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Picture A Day Challenge for 12/11/07

What is the commercial Christmas season without a bit of window shopping? Our Rivercenter Mall is anchored by Dillard's in a building that used to be the historic Joske's of Texas. The building features detailed art-deco styling. An interesting story about the building: There is a church in the block called St. Joseph's. When Joske's wanted to build their flagship building, they wanted to buy the church and raze it, but the parishioners would have none of that. So Joske's moved ahead and built their building around St. Joseph's Church and it was known forever after by non-members as the Church of St. Joske's. The church is still there, but Joske's was sold in 1987 to Dillard's. The building is still there in all of it's original splendor (except for the name). This picture is of one of the display windows facing Alamo Street and I took it for it's detail and beauty.

I think I could probably Photoshop this and make a really cool digital frame with it. I may just try it.


Tammy said...

What a really cool photo. I guess I never knew about that story. I guess I will have to get a better look when we come down (as long as the weather doesn't get bad before we leave)

Rach said...

What a gorgeous display and window. And the story behind it .. so nice to know about.