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Friday, December 14, 2007

Picture A Day Challenge for 12/14/07

Ever wonder what a three pound cinnamon roll looks like? I can show you what about 3/4 of a pound looks like:

One of the guys went to Lulu's to pick up one of their famous three pound cinnamon rolls yesterday. This is what is left today. The Styrofoam tray is about the same size as you'd get with a point of hamburger meat the the grocery store. That thing was a good six inches high. We offered some to everyone who came by yesterday and still couldn't get rid of it. It was wrapped up over night, so it was still good for people who came by today. See how much is left? It's more than any 10 normal people could possible eat without getting sick!


Rach said...

Oh that looks delish! Can you share the recipe?

Tammy said...

Gooooood Night! That thing was huge!!! LOL