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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Picture A Day Challenge for 12/13/07

I love making crafty things. Sometimes I'm not so creative, but given instructions I can do just about anything, I think. Today's picture is an ornament I made. But first I have to tell you how I got to this particular ornament. I got an e-mail from EK Success marketing and one of the items they had for sale was a Martha Stewart Vintage Paper Ornaments Kit. I thought it was so cool and since it was vintage, I figured there had to be instructions on the internet somewhere. I mean, it's just a bunch of paper circles, how hard could that be? So I started searching. There are lots a paper ornaments out there, but none like the one in Martha's kit. But I did come upon the website that gave me the instructions for the paper wallets I showed in yesterday's post and they had a paper Christmas ornament. So I tried the folds on some scrap paper and decided it wasn't too hard. I cut squares from my Land's End Christmas catalog for my ornament and started folding. This is what I got:

This little cutie is hanging in my cubicle. I've actually got more Christmas decorations up at my desk than I do at home. Sigh...

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Tammy said...

Your little ornament is just darling!