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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Picture A Day Challenge for 12/29/07

Well, I forgot to tell you the big news from yesterday. I took DS#2 to Boerne (pronounced ber-nie for you non-natives...) to take his driving test. I took him there because the lines at the local office are always long and I just didn't feel like standing in line for an hour before I got my number to be called an hour later. Small towns usually aren't a problem. In fact, we were number 44 and they called number 38 just after we walked in. And number 42 left! Imagine three small driver's license offices for a metropolitan area of about one and a quarter million people. That's why we went to Boerne.

He was being parent taught, but we misplaced the paperwork, so since he turned 18, I figured all he'd have to do is take his driving test. Well, lo and behold, the DPS office we had been going to put in his record that we had waived the driving test, so he's officially a licensed driver now, without taking a driving test. I'm not happy about that part, but I'm happy that he's able to drive on his own now. He hasn't soloed, yet, because he still needs a bit more practice to get around town, but I'm certain it won't be long before he's on his own.

So today was fence building day. We got a late start because when it was time to get going, DS#1 decided he needed to go to the bank and to the store. Well, we also needed some hardware for the fence, so we went, too. Things like poles, board hangars, etc. Anyway, we got one pole set and realized that we forgot to get another bag of quick-crete cement. Well, tomorrow's another day. It's going a lot smoother than the side we did last year. At least there's no tree in the way and it's a shorter distance.

While we were outside, we let Snickers out with us. DS#1 has become so attached to that dog. Last night, after we got home from Boerne, he called me asking if I would help him at the store getting some things set up. I took the dog with me for the ride. He loves riding. DS didn't have any problem with the dog being in the store. It's not finished yet, so there's nothing he could mess up. Today, he needed to move his truck out of the way so the neighbors could back out of their driveway and he put the dog in the back of the truck to move it over 10 feet. Then he left the tailgate down when he was done. Later, Snickers jumped up into the bed of the truck and laid down like he's always been a truck dog. NOT!

I have to admit that I didn't take this picture. DH did. Generally, DS#1 won't sit still for a photo, but since his dog was with him, he got this. I like to call this "A boy and his dog."


Lisa said...

well, no wonder he's attached to Snickers, look at that sweet face!

Suzanne said...

Aww, they both have the same expression on their faces! Love the pic. :-)