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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Picture A Day Challenge for 12/18/07

A Christmas Party?

No. A baby shower!

Tuesday evening was the Band Boosters' Christmas party, but we actually held a surprise baby shower for one of the band directors and his wife, who is having a baby. She's due January 7, so she's ready any moment now. They are one of the first first-time parents I've ever met that had everything ready for the baby. The room is ready, the car seat is out of the box, although it hasn't made it to the car, yet! As they say in the old society pages, "A good time was had by all."

It kind of made up for the horrible afternoon. I took the afternoon off from work to get some Christmas stuff done and to get ready for the party. Well, since I work downtown and my husband and son don't, we decided to meet for lunch. I figured in all my running around, I could get DS#1 the tire he wanted for Christmas to go on his truck. So we went over the tire store and I bought it and was going to leave him there and continue on with my errands. Then the truck wouldn't start.

AAUUGGH!! (Insert heavy sigh of disgust here). By the time we got things sorted out and a really nice tow truck operator tried to jump my truck, DS's truck was done and he took me across the street (he wouldn't let me walk across five lanes of heavy traffic) to the repair shop there. We've used them before and have had mixed results, but since it was across the street, I figured what the heck. I knew it was the alternator that needed to be replaced because of what happened when we tried jumping it.

So I walked up to the service manager, pointed across the street, with the view you see here, and said, "See that little truck under the tree across the street? It won't run. I need you to fix it." I left it to them to figure out how to get it across the street without a tow truck. I didn't feel like waiting the hour it would take for USAA to get one there and they didn't mind bringing it over. Needless to say, my afternoon plans were shot. DS took me home, I scanned photos for my father's album I'm making, and scrounged something to take to the party.

30 minutes before we had to leave for the party, the garage called. The truck was ready. It cost me $463 to get it out and I still needed to get a new battery, but wasn't willing to pay another $130 for that. Why does stuff like this happen at Christmas time?

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Rach said...

Oh no! That's Murphy's Law for ya! EIther when you have a little extra savings OR when there's a big event coming up .. that's when something goes and needs a majority of your money. UGH!

Glad you were able to make up for the crumby day by having fun at the party. The cake looks delish!