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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Picture A Day Challenge for 12/23/07

Since DH had to go to work on Monday, we held Christmas with my family after church on Sunday. We drove up to Austin and had a wonderful supper prepared by SIL's mother, who is Canadian, but still very German. Her parents are visiting from Edmonton through mid-February. They are very nice people, but my brother gets tired of them easily. But then he gets tired of everyone easily. He's such a grump!

Anyway, since it wasn't Christmas eve, yet, DH hadn't done his shopping for me, so I didn't get anything from him. I've just come to accept over the last 26 years that he's never going to do anything ahead of time, so no sense getting upset over it! But there were still lots of gifts to go around and to open. The photo albums and photo clock were hits with the recipients. But the best gift of all appeared to be the "Fur-Real Friends" piglet I got my niece. She carried that thing all evening and would hand it off to other people to hold while she opened another gift or played with a different toy. SIL was so enthralled with the pig that she kept trying to get Kathryn to give it to her. I think I'm going back to buy another one just for her!

So after the flurry of unwrapping gifts, there was a huge mess. What would you expect? I got lots of pictures of people opening or holding their gifts, but this was the best one for today's pictures:

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