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Monday, December 3, 2007

Picture A Day Challenge for 12/1/07

Lisa at 123-scrap offered up a really neat challenge. Post a picture a day to your blog and write about it. At the end of the month, print them out and make a scrapbook about it. I haven't totally committed to it, but I'm going to try. I actually took pictures on Dec. 1 and 2, so I'll start with those.

Saturday morning was balmy and warm, so Breakfast with Santa could be slightly uncomfortable for our Santa and kids in sweaters. I was recruited to be the photographer for our church's Breakfast with Santa, proceeds to support our local Emmaus community. This was after I had just returned from Chicago the night before. The picture for this day is the group of people who put on the event. Sadly, I ended up running the computer copying the pictures to CD for the parents, so I didn't take the actual picture, but it was my camera!

Bill had been growing his beard for a couple of months and made a really convincing Santa. This was only the second year they've done this, so there are still a few things to learn, like don't use shiny paper for the backdrop! Several of the ladies were making the pancakes and sausage, Russ was the moneykeeper, and Karen helped with getting the CD's to the right people. We had 109 kids come by to visit Santa. I think they counted it as a success. I'm just glad I could help.

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